About Us

JIP Telecom is a global technological company with more than a decade of leadership experience in communications. Our goals and objectives are to provide our clients with the very best quality of technical expertise along with an exceptional customer service.

We are built on world-class technology and intellectual property. JIP Telecom delivers secure, engaging real-time communications for today’s world.

The company transforms fixed, mobile, multiple System Operator and enterprise networks from legacy environments to the next-generation core, cloud, and edge architectures to a highly productive businesses for consumers.

Our customer-first approach on building strategic partnerships with top industry partners earned the company many accolades as it matured into a leading technology provider with a local presence.

What Do We Do?

JIP Telecom helps the world’s leading communication service providers and enterprises embrace the next generation of communication technologies.

We design, build, install and support all aspects of commercial communications and building security systems, including fiber optics, cabling, outside plant construction, audio/video, enterprise wireless, and building security.

Among other things, we offer solutions for

  • Cloud-based communications (Cloud)
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • Unified Communications (UC)
  • Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and
  • Applications Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Our company is also focused on providing secure carrier-class enterprise communications capabilities to industry verticals including the financial, government, education and healthcare sectors.

Directional Drilling Services

We offer our extensive experience and all necessary equipment for making trenchless installations for a wide range of clients in telecommunications, electrical, natural gas, water mains, and other utility services. Project requirements have ranged from placing 2-inch single-conduit material to 20-inch pipe.

Underground utilities that we installed with horizontal directional drilling include:

  • Telecommunication conduit
  • Electrical line
  • Natural Gas line
  • Water Main
  • Sewer Line

Safety First

Safety is our number one Commitment

Our top priority is to improvise our safety program with experience. We strongly believe that zero incidents is a goal we can achieve, and no one should get hurt while working at or with JIP Telecom. It is our personal commitment towards safety that have the most impact on employees, contractors, customers, our families, community and the environment overall. Through our words and actions, we clearly demonstrate that we reinforce safety practices and stop unsafe acts before they even occur.

Today, JIP Telecom continues to increase the breadth of its industry experts, products, and technological services with safety first!

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